Welcome to dreams of paradise...

Welcome to my lair. This page is totally on my Amber campaign which I ran at school. It contains new powers and everything you need to know about the canpaign. So even if you aren't interested in the campaign itself, you are welcome to look at the powers that I am using.

Those of you that are in this campaign can bugger off :-) if you can't keep this info out of character. Otherwise you're welcome to it. Well, enough of that. Onto the interesting stuff. Gameplay started around August 1997 and ran until Novenber when exams interrupted play. As yet it is unknown if it will resume.

So far I've got the original handout that I gave the players as an intro to the campaign. This is not your usual (what is?) Amber game as I have made up the new powers and modified the existing ones to help to create an interesting enough cosmology so that my four (well, it started off as one player but people butted in etc) players could have a great time roleplaying with just me.

The rule modifications are in the following files: a whole new Sorcery system and a new counterpart to Corwin's Pattern - the Cup of Life. Also there is the Powers of the Fey in Tir'na No'gth. The stats that I am using for my Elders can be found here. I am also using Pattern Champions which is a text file that you can look at from my files page. My item creation rules can also be seen from there.The bulk of plain text to be converted to HTML is too daunting so I think I'll leave them as is until a later date.

The Ogier who guard/use the Cup are described  Here.

There are only four players in this campaign, and yes I know what you're thinking, but no, having only four players means that those playing get a lot of time to hone their roleplaying skills (including mine) as well as have a great time. Just because there isn't many PC's to plot against doesn't mean that you can't. Anyway, enough of that, here is the file containing Arista played by Jemma Thurston. Also for your pleasure is Delfen played by Daniel Blake. Here is Raksha played by Nick Ralph and Sanchiro by Nick Lockwood. Craig Andrews' character was never written up in electronic form. Delfen has his own MAIL ME!